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Top 8 Calorie Saving Drinks!

In the midst of the boozeathlon driven America, we can't help but think; how can I drink and at the same time stay in shape!  Well first off we are not saying to do this everyday and yes moderation is key but if you must throw down, heres how to keep the calorie count down.   

1. Grapefruit Crush

Fresh fruit and alcohol, yes please!  Now not all bars carry fresh fruit, but if you happen to go to one that does, be sure to grab this drink. ½ of a grapefruit with a spash of vodka and club soda, giving you the bite and the tingle you are looking for.  This drink will easily leave you under 200 calories. (You can always choose to switch it up with a few other citrus flavors)

2. Michelob Ultra

If you want a smooth not quite flavorful selection, go for the Ultra!  At 95 calories it won't fill you up...but it won let ya down ;)  So get rid of the high-calorie beers if you are trying to drop those LBs . Rumor has it that Michelob Ultra is coming out with a new light cider that is 1/3 lower in calories than the leading regular hard cider.

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