PARADIGM was founded by Brian Casad in May 2016.  This total body fitness concept is based on his belief that the gym should be an experience, not a sweat sentence.  Brian urges that extremes only lead to stress, so you must have balance in order to have a happy, healthy body.  "Be Consistent.  Find Your Balance.  Make it a Lifestyle.  Fitness is Life."


At PARADIGM, Brian has hand-selected some of the best body analysis, cardio, strength, and functional training equipment in the business, ensuring that members have access to the most cutting edge training possible.  Through years of training, Brian has developed a class based program of dynamic, results-driven, interactive group fitness classes that provide an intense workout, while still leaving a smile on your face.  His team of personal trainers and instructors demonstrate PARADIGM's core values of being consistent, balanced, and making fitness a lifestyle.  Come see for yourself!


Prior to founding PARADIGM, Brian Casad became the 2013 Spokesmodel for, where he is still an athlete and team member today.  Over the past 3 years he has been featured in a number of magazines and graced the cover of some of the top fitness magazines in the world, including:  TRAIN, Muscle and Fitness, and Ironman Magazine.  As a trainer Brian has over 8 years of experience as a certified personal trainer and over 16 years of gym knowledge. 


Brian's sister, Kelli Casad, is the Co-Founder of PARADIGM.  Growing up Kelli was very active and excelled at sports. Always having an athletic build, her only issues were her extremely picky eating habits. Upon graduating High School and moving off to college, Kelli found the freedom to eat whatever, whenever, and have zero regrets. Food and lack of activity led to gaining the freshman 20...sophomore 30...junior 50...until one day she was 80 lbs heavier than when she entered college.  Over the next four years Kelli tried a variety of diets and workout fads, but these extremes were not sustainable. 


In August 2012, Kelli moved to Dallas to help run her family's gym. She was surrounded by a wide range of people that knew, lived, and breathed fitness. Inspired by her peers she observed, tried new things, and most importantly gained a wealth of knowledge in the industry.  Kelli incorporated more strength training into her daily routine, forced herself to try new foods, and soon began seeing results. She made the choice to live a healthy, active lifestyle by never giving up, and trying new things. Kelli says "Embrace change! It’s all about consistency and finding a balance. Trust the process."


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