A New Way Of Thinking...

Balancing Lives and Forging the Future. We are creating a life style balance through a new way of thinking. Whether your first time or be the seasoned veteran; we all have one mission, one goal and every right to be here. This is your moment. Find who you truly are, focus on YOU and never give up. Go to work, go to school, have a night out with friends, and love your family, but this place right here is where we become our Best Self. The vision is near yet seems so far away...Never let it stop you! Now pick it up and set it down, turn the dial up, add a plate, find your balance and be consistent, this is a lifestyle! Welcome to PARADIGM.  #BalanceYourLife

Address: 1605 Greenville Avenue

Dallas, TX 75206

E-mail: info@paradigmgyms.com

Telephone: 469.619.1159

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