6 Steps to a healthier you

1.  Be Conscious of Your Surroundings.

You are constantly bogged down by the elements, from billboards telling you to eat this or drink that.  The problem lies in the subconscious mind leading you to those temptations without even knowing it.  Forget the FOMO (Fear of missing out) ignore the temptation and wake up to a world of conscious decision making!


2.  Make Small Adjustments.

You want things now, extremes are at an all time high and you just want that instant satisfaction, sound about right?  Screw the extremes, extremes lead to failure and failure leads to starting all over again.  Wouldn't you love to just maintain some balance, look healthy and feel healthy?  Just remember this is a life long marathon, if you want to change something gradually take the steps to do so by means of small adjustments!


3.  De-Stress and Less is More

Lets face it, our lives are just a stress ball filled with failed relationships, work, technology, political nonsense, financial responsibilities and social pressures!  Where does it all end?  Take time for you, put away your phone and turn off the tv, breath and meditate, enjoy life and get away from the outside elements!  Take it down a notch and try to simplify your life, identify your priorities and what truly makes you happy :)





4.  Combating the Emotional Eater

We all have those days...  You just wake up and every damn thing goes wrong and you just don't know why??!!!  So you subconsciously decide that hey people on McDonalds and Burger King commercials look happy because they have a hamburger, I can too!  Now I'm not saying not to eat hamburgers, I am talking about your emotional response to a bad day.  Everyone has bad days but its the choices you make to turn that frown upside down.  Getting active is the number one fighter against the blues so next time think run not the hamburger bun.


5.  Eat Quality Not Quantity

You want more......and more.......and more.....  You are constantly bombarded with more for less!  When it comes to your body, more for less is like drinking Franzia instead of a decent bottle of wine ; yea you'll get a hell of a buzz but you will hate yourself the next day.  Same goes with food, eating large quantities that lacks in quality just boggs you down because your body just doesn't know what its trying to process!  So next time you are hungry, make the right decision and go for the quality product!  Your body will love you for it ;)


6.  Live In Reality

We live in a material world and we are material girls (or boys).  With social media being a superficial fire hole of photoshopped bodies and faces, we can't help but think our lives suck and that we are inadequate.  Wrong, your reality is all around you and its not all oiled bodies and contoured faces.  Its time to buck up, be you and be the best damn you in the world because thats YOUR REALITY!   

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